Custom Baseball Jerseys & Uniforms

Swing like a pro with beautifully-crafted customized baseball jerseys and pants
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Custom Baseball Jerseys & Uniforms

Customized Baseball Uniforms & Jerseys
Well designed customized baseball jerseys and pants will let you strike like a pro.
You may create completely customized baseball jerseys with ZAB Apparel. The jerseys and pants are completely customizable according to your requirements! The turnaround time is 3–4 weeks, or 2–3 weeks if you place an urgent order. Every baseball uniform is made using the finest fabrics and materials available. With our expertly crafted, 100% polyester baseball uniforms, you can empower your squad.

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ZAB SPORTS APPAREL is used by the best sports organizations around the world to make their custom uniforms and apparel.

Baseball Uniform & JerseysPricing (Based on Quantity):

Baseball Sublimated Jersey

$24.99/set (10-50)
$23.99/set (51-100)
$21.99/set (101-250)
$19.99/set (251-500)
$17.99/set (500+)

Baseball Sublimated
Pants Only

$24.99/set (10-100)
$22.99/set (101-250)
$20.99/set (251-500)
$17.99/set (500+)

Baseball Button DownSublimated Jersey   

$29.99/set (10-100)
$27.99/set (101-250)
$25.99/set (251-500)
$22.99/set (500+)

Baseball Full Set (Jersey and

$39.99/set (10-50)
$37.99/set (51-100)
$35.99/set (101-250)
$32.99/set (251-500)
$29.99/set (500+)

Exclusive Custom Baseball Uniform Packages

Find great value with our custom baseball uniform packages, no matter your teams budget or time frame. Choose from our wide range of the latest baseball designs and package to get started.

Popular Baseball Designs

Baseball Uniforms Made For Customers

Features of Baseball Team Uniforms:

  • 100% premium, breathable polyester
  • 260gsm fabric with interlock
    Option of jersey alone or whole set
  • Free custom designs
    Sewn and cut with buttons or without them
  • available in every size and color
  • Player names and numbers (optional)
  • Washable in a machine
  • 3 week delivery
  • Available for men and women

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How To Order At ZAB Sports Apparel

Step 1:

Fill out the request form.

Take a minute to fill out the request form with some general info on your custom apparel order. We'll contact you right away to begin working
on the designs that you want. 

Step 2:

We create the apparel designs.

We will work with you closely to come up with the perfect set of apparel designs for your organization and then send the order to our manufacturing department.

Step 3:

You receive the order in 3-4 weeks.

Once we finalize all the designs and put in the order you should expect your custom apparel in 3-4 weeks, for your players to enjoy.

Welcome to ZAB Sports Apparel – where your creativity knows no limits. Upload your designs and tell us your customization preferences to make sports uniforms, hoodies, and your favorite clothing uniquely yours!