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Custom Basketball Jerseys
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Custom Basketball Jerseys & Uniforms

Custom Basketball Uniforms

Basketball teams and supporters are big fans of custom sublimated jerseys and outfits. These uniforms, which are made using the dye-sublimation printing technology, offer vibrant durable, and exceptional patterns. Using pressure and heat, the pattern is transferred onto the cloth, guaranteeing a polished and long-lasting finish.

Creating unique layouts is one of the main benefits of custom sublimated basketball jerseys. Teams are able to develop their own color schemes, logos, and graphics to represent their style or brand. This strengthens the team's identity and sets them apart from other clubs in the league. Additionally, designs that are exact and detailed, capturing even the finest details, may be produced using sublimation printing.
Basketball players can improve their performance and feel more comfortable and flexible in custom team clothes. During exhausting games, athletes will stay cool and dry thanks to the quick-drying, breathable material used to make these basketball outfits. They can be used by untrained, school, and recreational teams in addition to professional teams. Sublimated basketball jerseys and uniforms with personalized designs and colors are an excellent investment for any sports team as they encourage a feeling of identity and pride among team members.
ZAB Sports Apparel offers personalized basketball outfits that may be customized to your exact specifications. For each customized basketball outfit, we employ premium fabrics and materials. The turnaround time is three to four weeks, or two to three weeks if you place an urgent order. With our professionally designed basketball uniforms, which offer a polished appearance and performance-enhancing features, you can empower your team to excel. Get yours team/club uniforms today to help them stand out from the competition by promoting a sense of confidence and uniqueness.

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Basketball Uniform & Basketball Jersey Pricing (Based on Quantity):

Basketball Uniforms Full Set

$29.99/set (10-25)
$27.99/set (26-50)
$24.99/set (51-100)
$21.99/set (101-250)
$19.99/set (251-500)
$17.99/set (501-1000)
$15.99/set (1000+)

Basketball Uniforms Reversible Set

$39.99/set (10-25)
$35.99/set (26-50)
$31.99/set (51-100)
$27.99/set (101-250)
$24.99/set (251-500)
$21.99/set (501-1000)
$19.99/set (1000+)

Basketball Jerseys or Shorts

$23.99 (10-25)
$21.99 (26-50)
$19.99 (51-100)
$17.99 (101-250)
$15.99 (251-500)
$13.99 (501-1000)
$11.99 (1000+)

Reversible Jersey or Shorts

$29.99 (10-25)
$26.99 (26-50)
$23.99 (51-100)
$21.99 (101-250)
$19.99 (251-500)
$17.99 (501-1000)
$15.99 (1000+)

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How To Order At ZAB Sports Apparel

Step 1:

Fill out the request form.

Take a minute to fill out the request form with some general info on your custom apparel order. We'll contact you right away to begin working on the designs that you want. 

Step 2:

We create the apparel designs.We will work with you closely to come up with the perfect set of apparel designs for your organization and then send the order to our manufacturing department.

Step 3:

You receive the order in 3-4 weeks.Once we finalize all the designs and put in the order you should expect your custom apparel in 3-4 weeks, for your players to enjoy.