Quick Guide to Washing and Maintaining Puff Print Hoodies

Looking to keep your puff print hoodies vibrant and new-like? Here's your go-to guide for quick and effective care tips. And yes, you can order our premium puff print hoodies, with a minimum order just 10.

how to wash puff print

Care Tips for Puff Print Hoodies

Why it Matters?

Puff print hoodies are unique, artistic and need extra care for lasting freshness and comfort. Simply follow our step-by-step care and washing guide below.

Washing Guide

  1. Invert Hoodie: Guard the puff print from washing machine damage.

  2. Use Cold Water: It keeps print colors intact.

  3. Select Gentle Cycle: Avoids extra stress on prints.

  4. Pick Mild Detergent: Gentle on prints.

  5. Air Dry: Safeguards from heat damages.

Greater Hoodie Life

Additional Care Tips

Proper Storage: Keep the hoodie in a cool, dry place post air-drying.

Avoid Sun: Shade-dry to prevent color fade.

Steer Clear from Ironing Print: For preventing cracks.

Deal with Stains Promptly: For easier removal.

Mistakes to Dodge

Hot Wash or Dry: Heat is puff print's enemy, causing fading or cracking.

Bleach or Strong Detergent Use: Harms prints and fabric.

Unnecessary Washing: Adds premature wear and tear.

Ignoring Care Label: Always check it for specific care instructions.

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